My name is Peter Remper – lecturer, trainer and fighter against drugs

In March 2008, Iīve started delivering anti-drug lectures on schools for children from 10 to 18.

From September 2009 – 30. april. 2019 to date I delivered just in schools in Slovakia (in 68 districts) more than  6 167  lectures, which were attended by more than  200 743   primary school pupils and secondary school students and  81 792   of them pledged to be Sheriff fighting against drugs.

Z prednášky v Bratislave
From lecture in Bratislava
Ja a vodní slalomári Alexander Slavkovský a Martin Halčin - rozhovor v L-rádiu
Me and slalom canoeists Alexander and Martin Slavkovský Halčin – interview in L-radio
Danka a Janka Veldakove- atletika
Danka and Janka Veldakove – athletics
Peter Remper Slovensko bez drog
Moment from interactiv lecture about drugs

Reportage TV Joj

„At the school in Podunajskť Biskupice they understand that children need to learn also about what may threaten their health – such as drugs.“

„The extra-curricular activities for children are not only dancing, or singing but also interactive lectures against drug abuse. The last one delivered by Peter Remper (from organization Drug free Slovakia) was for pupils extremely interesting.“

Reportage from Nove Mesto nad Váhom

Students of secondary schools in Janosik street are now familiar with The Truth About Drugs. The get it from Peter Remper (Slovakia without drugs).

„Astonishing 98% of people who will become drug addicts does not begin directly with hard drugs, but they start with alcohol and cigarettes. Those are legally available substances. And this is the main danger. „- Says Peter Remper.

There are several reasons why young people use drugs. They want to fit into the team, to kill boredom, or just try it …

Reportage in RTV Krea

Lecturer Peter Remper explains to pupils the risks associated with addiction and kids are asking different questions.

“ „The main objective is to get them find out why drugs are harmful, because it starts to be pretty bad. Maybe it benefits some people – whoever manufactures the drugs, or the one who is going to sell them, but it definitely does not benefit the rest of society, which will at last pay for subsequent treatments …

Peter Remper in Hlohovec television

The Truth About Drugs project focuses on increasing awareness of primary school pupils and also students of lower grades in secondary school. Lecturer from Drug free Slovakia Peter Remper came to talk to pupils at primary schools on the Kopernik street in Hlohovec.

Reportage in television KTV

Municipal police, in town »adca with financial support from the éilina Region during the European Week of fight against drugs, had prepared several activities for pupils of 5th to 9th grade on all schools designed to activate negative attitude of young people to drug abuse. Municipal police prepared a professional interactive lectures aimed on drug prevention.

„The aim of this campaign, which takes place throughout the district »adca, is to get children learn more about harmful effects of drugs,“ said Peter Remper in interview for KTV.

Vranovské Televízne noviny

„“I think that in the same way as dealers who run regularly, also the people who make drug prevention should regularly run and make the prevention regularly, not just once in a while. The only solution is the knowledge, the right knowledge. “ said Mr. Peter Remper from Drug free Slovakia in an interview for VTN.

Peter Remper a successful Slovak kayaker Alexander Slavkovsky

They lectured together the truth about drugs and a report on a lecture aimed at drug prevention was prepared by primary school  ZŠ Demänovská cesta v Liptovsky Mikulas.

Peter Remper delivers lecture against drugs in cooperation with ice hockey player Marek Uram

We attended, together with pupils, canoeist A. Slafkovskż and ice hockey player M. Uram, interesting lecture in elementary school (partly kindergarden) on the street Hradna in Liptovsky Hradek organized by non-profit organization „Drug free Slovakia.

Reportage of city television Moldava nad Bodvou

Message from the lecture „The truth about drugs“ for students on secondary school Stefan Moyzes in Moldava nad Bodvou.

TV Region about lectures called „Truth About Drugs“

Message from the lecture „The truth about drugs“ for students on secondary school Zä PovaěskŠ v Koöiciach organized by non-profit organization Drug free Slovakia.

Peter Remper in radio Presov about Truth About Drugs

Interview in radio Presov on themes: the harmfulness of drugs and the drug prevention. The situation in Slovakia, what are the biggest problems, in what way are the lectures delivered, what are the responses on them and a lot more questions and answers directly in the interview.

Inform yourself freely about the possibility of anti-drug lectures in your place:

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