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my name is Peter Remper, in today’s society people should have information from the source, and therefore we established this informative web site. Its purpose is help you to understand what I am doing – especially from viewpoint of my job.

Currently I am lecturing on primary and secondary schools, camps and orphanages about the harmfulness of drugs and the importance of drug abuse prevention. I deliver drug prevention lectures since 2008, I deliver professional lectures since September 2009.

I also provide drug prevention schooling for Slovak Police Corps and other institutions.

I was born in beautiful central Slovak town Hnúšťa. I started and finished the primary school in Hnúšťa. Then I was attending high school for mechanical engineering and successfully graduated from it.

Peter Remper a dravec

Peter Remper and predator

The main objective of my lectures is to get students to UNDERSTAND why nobody can really solve common problems (which for pupils and students can be school, school marks, a breakup with guy or girl, shyness, boredom, etc …) by using DRUGS.

My wish is to get students to make own decision at the end of each lecture to not take drugs. One lecture is available to about 30 students (not more than 50) and is attended by teacher as well. It is 45 minutes long and is free of charge.

In lectures we discuss 10 topics/truths about drugs:

  • how drugs work,
  • how is addiction developed and why
  • what are the most common reasons that someone will take drugs,
  • how it is with drugs and vitamins and minerals in the body,
  • What is the difference between legal and illegal drugs,
  • how drugs affect the mind and how drugs are changing emotions
  • how long the drug remains in the body,
  • what is the real truth about marijuana
  • how it is with drug and creativity, etc …

I explain to students and discuss with them what could DRUGS do to them, their friends, their family … There are even many examples of harm effects of legal and illegal drugs given by pupils and students during the lecture.

I often discuss with kids topics such as the administration of drugs in health care and why it is okay to use morphine (heroin) in case of big pain from which is some patient suffering after injury and why it is not right when someone use a heroin dose because he is bored or sad.

This is not clear to many pupils and students at all. 12, 13 and 14 years old kids just do not understand how it is possible that sometimes is good to use some drugs and sometimes not.

As well as they don´t understand why it is „fine“ if their parents smoke and drink, and they cannot do it. Children need to know the answers to these questions. The fact that they do not know the answers results exactly in this age in first drug abuses. A part of them then get hooked on them.

My private desire is that the truth about harmful effects of all drugs will reach students before they are reached by false information from their ‚friends‘ or drug dealers. They are telling them how drugs will help them and that they would be „cool“ if they take them.

We need to be faster than drug dealers and fill the information vacuum regarding drugs. Only then we can stop the negative trend in drug abuse by pupils on elementary schools!

More information about me and lectures can be found in the section Frequently Asked Questions – Click here to continue.

Feedback headteachers after the lecture can be found here.

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